• PMR Technologies

    Our products are the leaders in digital microwave video systems for law enforcement, first responder, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) applications where performance and reliability are critical requirements.

  • Reliable Networks

    Our networking technology has been successfully deployed by the US Department of Defense in theaters around the globe. Our wireless solutions instantly turn base camps into high bandwidth hubs with reliable links both into the field and out to the outside world – whatever the local infrastructure or terrain.

  • Air To Ground

    Airborne video surveillance gives you an immediate overview of what needs to be done. Our innovative solutions can share crystal-clear live images from air to ground – and back again, giving everyone on your team as clear a picture as possible of exactly what's happening.

  • Mobility

    PMR's technology can enable everyone to share and receive standard and high-definition video and data in real-time from multiple locations - allowing them to work more effectively, even in the tightest of situations.

Video Clips : Vislink & Rajant
Featured Product : HTR-1100
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